Dag 2

Today’s dag had the opposite problem to Dag 1 but has ended up looking very similar. 

Polishing went quite well

  But then things started to go wrong – firstly I didn’t heat the plate before sensitising over the iodine, so this took longer and probably laid down a thinner layer than needed. 

The weather today was very different to the first dag – really cloudy and raining and so my 8 minute exposure was probably too short.

  Development also took much longer due to the cloud cover – 20 minutes for anything to appear, then two hours until no more detail was emerging.

The fix  seemed to remove some of the detail that was visible during development – perhaps it is mixed too strongly.

The final plate has a very faint image. I’m going to wait to make my next plates on Mike Robinsons workshop at Lacock abbey next week – hopefully with some help I’ll get more than these  tantalisingly faint images.


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