Lacock Abbey Daguerreotypes

The first proper daguerreotype I’ve made below – made at Lacock abbey with the help of Mike Robinson.


I’m just back to my scanner after four days at Lacock Abbey making daguerreotypes under the incredible tutorage of Mike Robinson and a week away in Cornwall. In these four days I learnt what would have taken years of working out alone and have benefitted massively from Mike’s in depth knowledge of his subject. The scanned dags included above and below were made on the workshop and are as much Mike’s work as my own although I’m looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt in Birmingham soon once I can get into the darkroom at BOM over the next few weeks. These scans of the dags really don’t do the images justice – to appreciate them properly and see their resolution and three dimensional qualities you really need to handle the images.


The workshop was an opportunity to create my second daguerreotype with my boys, of my family which I feel I can say is something really special that no other contemporary family in the UK will possess of this generation.


And the third daguerreotype I produced  on the workshop of an apple tree in the orchard at Lacock – a similar image to the first images I was producing when I began working with Wet Plate collodion.

The workshop was also a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people with a shared interest in historic photography – pictured below outside the darkroom l-r John Molloy, Dominique Somers, Hans Gummersbach, Mike Robinson, Roger Watson, Jo Gane (with son Stanley).



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