Dag day 

Today was chance to put what I had learnt during the workshop into practice, but it seems I’m not quite there yet and still need to invest in a little bit more kit and consumables. 

Firstly the plates that I had pre-polished at Lacock had scratched slightly in transit so I decided to risk possibly reaching the copper under Mike’s plate and start again on the polishing process, and then wished I hadn’t!   I revisited Cookson’s in the jewellery quarter to find some 15 and 9 micron sandpaper – only to realise all their sandpaper was labelled with P numbers, not microns. A quick google search converted this to P1200 and P2400 but it seems that these are too dense as the silver seemed more scratched than on the workshop.  The sandpaper also seemed to react wrongly with the distilled water and began to melt, putting a brown waxy coating onto the plate which won’t be helpful.

After cleaning off the brown gunk I decided to move onto the Nushine Polish and use my new random orbital sander, however the Nushine I have is a UK version rather than the U.S. Polish we used on the workshop and seems runny and so might not be as good. Also on polishing I realised I haven’t yet got the foam pad needed to soften the pressure from the sander and so this might have added scratches rather than reducing them. 

So I will revisit the Dag shopping list, and then get back to it on another day…  


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