Dag demo 

I’ve been holding off this blog post for a while as I didn’t want to write another negative one and the dag demo at BOM lab on 30th September allowed me to demonstrate the process, in theory, but didn’t result in an image. However, as an exercise in sharing my knowledge so far it was useful and well attended. Also time has been an issue in getting this blog out – this post is made possible by Amy Martin’s Radical  Childcare at Impact Hub, Birmingham. Anyway enough of the excuses – this is what happened.


Polishing wasn’t great, due to the hook son the pad of the sander coming through the microfibre pad at one point and putting some little scratches on the plate. 

Sensitising also seemed to take a little longe than usual.

The plate eventually didn’t develop, for several reasons, probably because it was underexposed – the light changed from an EV of 16 down to 12 between metering and exposing the plate

Also, too much light may have seen the plate whilst it was sensitising, as I was showing people the change of colour to magenta as it sensitised over the iodine.

I’m wondering if the red acrylic holder is quite the right shade too as the last plate began to fog at the end of development, so may change this in the future.

So I ended up with this;

Some changes to make next time;

  • Get a better foam pad for the polishing.
  • Sensitise in the dark where possible
  • Expose for longer
  • Try ruby kith for development rather than the red acrylic.

It’s slow progress, but there is some progress and I will figure this out eventually – it’s just taking longer than I thought. 


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